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Rolling blackouts have become a way of life in California, and there's no indication they'll be stopping any time soon.

Experts agree that there is no quick-and-easy fix on the horizon for the California energy crunch. Blackouts are expected to continue through the summer of 2001, and possibly well beyond.

More than just an inconvenience, blackouts can be dangerous as they shut down key appliances, lights and electronic devices. Having a source of power to maintain these systems isn't just a unobtainable dream--it's a reality.

A mid-sized solar energy system with battery backup will offer enough electricity to power many home "essentials" for the duration of a rolling blackout. Here's what you could expect a 2 kW system with battery backup to power during a one-hour blackout:

  • A complete home entertainment system, six interior lights, refrigerator, and freezer, microwave (periodic use), home computer and other small electronic appliances.
  • A small window-mounted air conditioner/evaporative cooler.

High-current or 220-volt appliances like electric clothes dryers, central AC units or space heater should not be run off battery backup power. Note that only those systems including a battery backup array will supply power to the house during a blackout.

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