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Energy Alternatives is owned and operated by Chuck Alldrin, one of Northern California’s leading alternative energy experts. Chuck has over 25 years experience in designing systems to harness solar, wind, hydro and other alternative energy sources. Chuck has taught college-level alternative energy courses, as well as consulted with contractors in the intricacies of meeting California State energy codes.

His own 5-acre ranch was 90-percent self-powered for years, with a 3-kilowatt wind generator, photovoltaic panels, solar water heater and solar steam generator. Chuck designed his own electric car, capable of traveling 50 miles on a single charge.

Today, Chuck’s home boasts 6-kilowatts of photovoltaic panels, and energy efficient lighting. This system currently supplies 90-100% of the home’s power requirements. Thanks to a grid intertie, any energy generated but not used is sold back to the power company.


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